Project A

George Street, Singleton

This heritage-listed, iconic commercial site is situated on a high profile corner of the main road in Singleton (George Street). ...


Our Profile

CEO Lee Woodward commenced the development profile in the 1980’s starting with individual residential projects, which has subsequently branched out into medium density developments, subdivision developments and retail and commercial centres.

The focus of the business is to provide highly detailed design driven facilities that represent value for money for the end consumer. This focus is applied to carefully selected sites that will optimise medium term capital value for all of those involved in the development process.

There is a high focus on conservation and preservation of architectural merit within existing structures. The retrofitting process is aimed at conserving any architectural merit provided by the existing structures. The “green” development principles of energy and water conservation are actively applied to each development. Of paramount importance is the balance of each development with the landscape as seen as a critical part for the profile of each development.

The head office is located in Suite 11, Victoria Court, and manages properties and developments spreading between Sydney, the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and Mid North Coast.

VC Management is an active supporter of the Salvation Army with Lee Woodward as an area manager, mobilising 60-70 people on an annual basis for the Red Shield Appeal.