Wirra Willa

Wirra Willa has been owned for 22 years and managed as a citrus/stone fruit orchard over that period. It contains approximately 5000 citrus trees and 1000 stone fruit trees.

The property comprises 75 acres of prime agricultural land under irrigation provided by spring bore and creek water supplies. The property also has three residences, two of which are tenanted.

There has been a lot of development in the gardens, landscape and structure of the orchard, which is attracting increased commercial attention. One of the recent structures designed by architect Matthew Woodward is to be submitted in the Royal Australian Institute of Architects awards category for developments under $1 million. Wirra Willa was also featured in Michael Cooke’s book ‘Time in the Garden’ and created an interesting read as far as the history and development of these important gardens.

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Somersby, NSW

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Completed Development.

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Wirra Willa

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